Change of Phone Numbers! Starting 1st of September 2023


Dear all,

Please be informed, that we’ve updated our contact information, regarding our landline phones.
The whole Team of Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt has new official phone numbers:
General number: +49 (0)381 / 444 440 – XX
So for the central number it is: +49 (0)381 / 444 440 - 00

You will find the individual numbers of your contact from our staff in the signature of their respective email.
The MOBILE NUMBERS WILL NOT CHANGE and you can always reach our staff also via the known mobile numbers.

We’re excited about this change that will apply from 1st of September 2023 and beyond. The old landline numbers will stay active for a transitional period,
but will go offline by the end of the year.
As mentioned above, you can also always reach us via the known mobile numbers AND our Emails.

Thank you.